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Types of Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability offers benefits like:
  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) —  This form of compensation helps to provide income to workers who have been seriously injured or have contracted an illness. When an individual is unable to work due to these types of ailments, before they reach retirement ages, these benefits will help them. In order to qualify for SSDI, an individual has to be out of work for at least 12 months and will have to get medical treatments to show they are actively trying to rid their body of impairments.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) — This program, provided by the Social Security Administration, is consider needs based. Individuals who have lower contributions that prohibit them from using SSDI should apply for this program. The length of time a person has to be disabled is the same as with SSDI.
  • Disabled Widow or Widower - With this program, widows and widowers between the ages of 50 and 60 are allowed to receive their spouse’s earnings based on how much they paid into the SSDI program before their death.
  • Disabled Adult Child - If a person’s disability happened before they turn 22, they will be able to receive Social Security benefits based on the earnings of their parent, whether they are deceased or retired.

Get the Legal Representation You Need Nearby In Temecula, CA

Most people fail to realize how difficult it can be to obtain disability benefits. There are a number of rules and regulations that dictate what a person can get and when. Without knowledge of these laws and guidelines, a person will find it nearly impossible to get the disability benefits they are after. With the help of an experienced social security disability attorney nearby in Hemet, CA, getting these benefits will be much easier and far less stressful.
Eric R. Hunt, disability attorney, can offer clients the knowledge and experience needed to file for SSDI and SSI disability benefits. This SSDI attorney near me in Hemet, CA, handles cases for clients all over the Riverside County area.
Since 1989, SSI lawyer Hunt has helped thousands of people get the disability benefits they deserved. These clients have had disabilities ranging from spinal injuries to neurological problems and everything in between.
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Have You Been Denied Disability Benefits in Southern California?

Most people fail to realize nearly 60 percent of all disability benefit claims are denied the first time. There are a number of reasons these denials can happen like lack of documentation proving an individual is actually disabled.
When meeting with attorney Hunt for the first time, clients will be given a questionnaire their doctor will need to fill out. This will help attorney Hunt obtain both your medical records and to get an idea of what your doctor says about the injuries you have. Once he has this information, he will get to work building your case. With his experience, he has garnered a number of reversals and denials for his clients.

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Contact Eric R. Hunt today at 951-765-9321 or by filling out the online form. All of the cases accepted are done so on a contingency basis. This means attorney Hunt will not get paid until you do.
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“I receive a number of calls each week from clients who need help in areas of law we do not practice. Generally, I refer them to attorney Hunt. In a recent case, Hunt helped a family member who was struggling with disability benefits issues. Hunt was able to help him win his case and get the benefits he deserved.”
- Michael, Avvo
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"As a local attorney, I receive calls all the time from potential clients who need help in areas of law we do not practice. I always refer them to Mr. Hunt. Recently, a relative needed help with a Social Security issue. I referred him to Mr. Hunt who was able to win his case. Thanks, Eric, as always you are the best!"

 - Michael, Avvo
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