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Social Security Disability Appeals

Nearly 60 percent of all Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income claims are denied the first time. For individuals who file for a reconsideration, which is the next step in appeals, they are denied nearly 80 percent of the time. If a person does take their appeal to a case hearing, they generally have a 50 percent chance of getting approved.
When hiring a disability denial attorney nearby in Hemet, CA, a person’s chances of getting approved are much higher. This is because a disability claims lawyer near me in Temecula, CA, has extensive knowledge of the laws governing disability benefits.

Handling Complex Cases

Eric R. Hunt is a Social Security Disability appeal lawyer near me who has represented clients all over the Riverside County area for years. Hunt has practiced this type of law since 1989 and has the knowledge needed to handle even the toughest disability claim cases.
Hiring him as your attorney will allow you to get the disability advocate help close to Hemet, CA, you need. His main goal is to collect the information necessary to get your disability claim approved. Attorney Hunt will explain this process in detail so you stay informed every step of the way.
Legal representation

Disability Denial Lawyer

Have you been denied Social Security Disability benefits? If so, by law, you are allowed to file an appeal. With legal representation, your chances of getting the disability benefits you are owed increases substantially.
With his understanding of disability laws, attorney Hunt is able to fight on your behalf. The first thing he will do when taking your case is to get all of your medical records and find out what your doctor says about the injuries or illness you have.
When claims are denied the second time, attorney Hunt will go to work getting prepared for a court hearing. He has the skill and experience needed to present your case before an administrative law judge. Hunt has helped a number of clients get the disability benefits they were owed.
Legal representation

Contingency-Based Services

If your disability benefits claim has been denied, contact Eric R. Hunt today at 951-765-9321 or by submitting the online form. All of the help provided by attorney Hunt is done so on a contingency basis. This means if you do not get the benefits you are owed, he will not collect a penny.
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"Mr. Hunt helped my brother, Joseph, who was denied Social Security benefits. Eric filed for a hearing and was able to have my brothers benefit start immediately. As important as winning, Mr. Hunt always and promptly returned our calls and always acted in a professional manner. Our entire family will always refer people to Mr. Hunt who, without a doubt, is a great attorney and person."

 - Darlene, Avvo
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